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Google Ads Services

Google Ads is a highly effective method of marketing that enables your advertisement to show up at the point when customers are searching within Google for the services, products or information that you provide. Your advert will display to people who are interested in its content. You can reach your customers by targeting keywords people may use to find your products or services and criteria such as age, location, specific times and devices, interests, search criteria and historical interests.

Vriddhi Digital is the leading Google Ads Company in Chennai, we have enormous experience and expertise in setting up, regularly reviewing and optimising your campaign to help maximise your return on investment and help you define and acheive your goals.. We provide update reports on a weekly and monthly basis to keep you informed throughout the campaigns.

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Google Ad formats

Search Ads

Your ad appears as text when users search for relevant keywords


Display Ads

Your ad appears as an image(s) when user searches relevant keywords/pages



Search & Display

This is a combination where your ad can appear as both text and images based on  search


Video Ads

Engage consumers with a range of video ad formats on YouTube and partner sites.


Shopping Ads

Show shoppers your range of products, especially useful for e-commerce companies.


Apps Ads

Promotoe your mobile app across the Google ecosystem like search, youtube, etc


Different Google Ad Types

1. Search Ads

Search Ads show up on the results page when a user searches for something relevant to your product / service. For example, in the image you can see that the user is searching for a VPN service, and the first 4 results are all search ads. Search ads are a kind of pull-marketing method. They are highly relevant to the user’s search intent, and thus have a high conversion percentage. This is one of the fastest ways of getting leads for your business, especially if you are new to the industry and you want to get a head-start.

2. Display Ads

Display ads show up as images of our business on other people’s website. For e.g., you can see the website on the right is a review website, but it has the ad image of another company which sells clothes. Since they show images, they can be quite attractive and appealing. They also help to increase brand recognition since they contain the logo, the name of the business, etc. Display ads are mostly used as a push-marketing method, they help build brand affinity, and they are also best used in retargeting and re-marketing campaigns.

3. Video Ads

Video ads show up when people are watching their favourite youtube videos. Since they contain video and graphics, they have a high recall value. They can create strong brand recognition if the script and animation are done right and reflect the personality of the brand. Video ads can also be text-ads at the bottom of youtube screens. Like display ads, video ads too are shown on a push-marketing method and have high effect when used in re-targeting and re-marketing campaigns.

4. Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are shown for e-commerce companies which have large number of products of certain categories. So, if you are a grocery,  a fashion retailer, a shoe retailer, a handbag retailer, etc you would like to show attractive images of your products when people search for them. These ads throw up a bunch of relevant images to the user hence making it more likely that they would click your ad and land in your website.

5. Mobile App Ads

These ads show up in Google or iOS play store when people are search for an app. They can help improve your app downloads and installs. These can also be used to advertise within apps. If you have an app to sell, then you must use mobile app ads to increase your app sales.

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Why Work With Us ? 

Immediate Leads

By using Google Ads, you get customer attention very quickly. You will get more leads and better quality leads for your business quickly.

Certified Professionals

Our experts are certified and experienced Google partners. Rest assure that they will handle your Ad budget in the best possible way.

Creative Copywriters

Ad content is written by knowledgeable and creative people which will ensure that your Ads get the right attention.


Get your leads directly into your mailbox as and when they are submitted by the prospect customers.

Simple Contract

We require only a month to month contract. We do not pursue long term contracts. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance.

High Transparency

We provide weekly and monthly reports. Also our experts are available on call at any time if you have any questions.

Pay Per Click Model

Search Engines charge you on a pay per click basis

  • NYou get charged only when user clicks your ad
  • NYou are not charged for displaying your ad
  • NBudget is flexible
  • NTransparent data on clicks
  • NMeasure and monitor the clicks
  • NOptimize the campaign for better results

Our Approach


Step 1

Competition Analysis

Business & Website Analysis

Keyword Research & Planning

Target Demographic Research

Target Location Research


Step 2

Defining Goals & Account Setup

Creating Ad Copy

Deciding Budgets

Defining Bidding Setup

PPC Landing Pages


Step 3

Revising Ad Copy

Monitoring Engagement Statistics

Reviewing Quality Score

Monitoring Conversion Rate

Optimizing Landing Pages


Step 4

Optimizing Bids, Ads, Landing Pages

Any Campaign / Account Changes


Step 5

Monthly Report

Quarterly Review

Our PPC Packages

We have no minimum Adspend. No long term contracts. Our contract is month-to-month. Choose any of the packages below based on your monthly Ad Spend


“We employed Vriddhi Digital to enable Google Ads for our International School. We got large number of leads per month which we were able to convert successfully. The Return on Ad Spend was much more than the cost of the ads. “